October 7, 2013

Bedbugs have been around since the 17th century however numbers were at their lowest between the 30’s and 80’s. Surprisingly since the 1980’s bedbug numbers have been on the rise. Bedbugs are back with a vengeance! Some people think this is due to the amount of people who travel for business and pleasure and due to the ban of DDT. So now everyone has to be vigilant about keeping bedbugs out of their homes, and in this article we’ll be discussing some tips to help keep them away.

If you have a problem with bedbugs, you should try to contain it as much as possible. The little blood suckers most likely won’t cause any medical problems other than an itch where they bite. The bedbugs themselves should be treated like a contagious virus. Where ever the infestation is, confine the bedbugs to just that one area. Since bedbugs are transmitted so easily, try and avoid spreading them around to friends and loved ones. Keep in mind that bedbugs could attach themselves to anything which leaves your house. So if you have an infestation, don’t throw a party or have people over for dinner. Bedbugs could end up going home with your guests. Extra care needs to be taken when disposing of furniture which may have bedbugs. Don’t just throw it out because someone may try to reuse it.

The high temperatures of a hand held steam cleaner are an effective way to kill the bedbugs. Wash all clothing and linens in hot water at least 120 F. This is hot enough to kill bedbugs. When dealing with a bedbug infestation, the simple task of washing linens and clothing at high temps isn’t enough to kill off bedbugs. There are bedbugs hiding elsewhere in your home. Dealing with bedbugs can be a real pain but it really will be effective to take a multifaceted approach when it comes to eradicating them. Here’s another great tip. Loosely put bedding or clothing into a plastic bag and seal. Then place the bag in the hot sun for a few days. The internal heat of the bag will be hot enough to kill bedbugs.

A good way to prevent bedbugs from ever appearing is to be cautious when purchasing secondhand items for your home. Even though it may be cost effective, it might be a bad idea to buy his furniture and place it in your house if it has not been thoroughly inspected. Bedbugs, though small, can actually be seen with the naked eye. It only takes one infested item to cause a major problem, as bedbugs can lay eggs and spread very fast. To prevent this from happening, it is best to avoid purchasing used couches, mattresses, or upholstered furniture.

Though it is not dangerous to have them in your home, it is upsetting to know that bedbugs may be living with you. The bites they inflict can be itchy and painful, and just the idea that these tiny little predators are feeding on you can be upsetting. Preventing and getting rid of these pests can be challenging, but if you’re persistent you can get them out of your life for good.

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